We are currently developing FAUX for more puppetry and updating the narrative regarding the fur trade. We will be showcasing this adaption at the Brighton Fringe 2019.

Photographs and designs from our original run at the Etcetera Theatre, Camden Fringe 2018.

A Loose-Locked Ltd. production

Run time: 60 minutes


Written by Hannah Hopkins Jones & Ben Price

Lyrics by Hannah Hopkins Jones, Ben Price & Emily Compton  

Music by Emily Compton

Directed by Ben Price

Puppetry Director Bryn Fitch

Set, Costume &  Puppetry Design Isabel Pirillo

Lighting Design Emily Keeble

Producer Isabel Pirillo

Devised by the company

"A fun take on a serious topic, full of empathy and laugh"

"risky songs, in their happy go lucky style"

“lyrically brilliant songs about animals being skinned alive and being torn apart from their family whilst also making you tap your foot along to the beat"

(North West End review)

“The performance and design of the puppets are a highlight of the show, I truly get the impression that all the puppeteers and masked actors know their craft

and perform them well”

“Faux is honest to its aims, highlighting elements to the fur trade that the lay(man) person would not know, and having a fantasy, vintage design that is

wonderful to look at…(is) a must see for those who crave some more puppetry"

(vickylovestheatre review)

Description of show:

The eccentric proprietor of a vintage clothing shop finds her beliefs challenged when the items she is selling begin to come to life. Using puppetry and live action, taking inspiration from the fur trade’s devastating imagery, FAUX creates a piece of theatre with a strong visual narrative that is more accessible for all than the topic suggests.

The aim of the show is to prompt more questions than provide answers, in an honest and humorous manner. This is in response to the increasing number of cases of real fur being sold as fake on the high streets of Britain, alongside the resurgence of the popularity of fur, be it fake or otherwise.

With a small cast playing a host of colourful characters, FAUX is a show that explores the multi-faceted issue that is the fur trade in a way that is comical, tragic, accessible & entertaining.


Loose-Locked is a theatre company whose ethos is to explore stories of every

size from our lives and the media. Using hyperextension and the fantastical, they aspire to stretch understanding through these tales.

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