FAUX (2019)

A revised and expanded incarnation of Faux in 2018 with design led theatre company Loose-Locked created by Isabel Pirillo. 

We showcased in Pick of the Fringe at The Warren and won the Broadway Baby Brighton Bobby Award for Best Show!

A vintage shop comes to life with items coming to life telling their owner how they came to be through puppetry and song.

Set & Costume Designer Puppetry Designer

Creative Director 



Stage Manager

Isabel Pirillo

Book and lyrics 

Hannah Hopkins Jones

Bethan Kate Tonkin

Ben Price

Musical Director, lyrics & music

Emily Compton


Niall Phillips

Zara Tomkinson

Puppetry Director 

Stacey Mitchell

Puppetry Consultant

Bryn Fitch

Lighting Design

Emily Keeble


Bethan Kate Tonkin

William Uden

Tamara Saffir

Julia Dray

Emily Compton (on keys)

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